"Elipsis" — (A Multi-monologue Play)

There are things in life that we think are already ours, until we realize we are wrong, because someone already owns those things. Love is hard to believe! It will make you happy and sad at some point.

The play started with the three characters namely; Rafael, Bimbo (if I am not mistaken), and Suzy; stating their very own stories.

Rafael seems to be a kind of person who is not contented for what he already owns. He is a happy-go-lucky who seeks pleasure for his contentment, or happiness might be. If I would relate his attitude with mine, I guess, he stands for the part of me that seeks for the things that offer temporary pleasure. There is something in me that is hard to satisfy. I always look for the things I don’t have and do the things that make me happy without thinking what they might cause me.

Bimbo, I think, stands for my weaknesses. I’m not saying that he is a weak, but, I believe that it is not right to let other person deprived you or let them hurt you as if you’re really not being hurt. Although, he found out that Rafael neglected him, he still lets Rafael do his craziness. Just like me, I sometimes just let things go or happen without fighting for it even though they mean a lot to me.

Suzy is a woman who has a very strong personality. She’s trying to manage every difficulty that comes to her ways. She doesn’t let problems conquer or put her down. She stands on her own and trying to be strong as she can be. For me, Suzy represents the part of me that fights for the things that I want, even though they are hard to achieve.

LOVE of Siam!:))

The movie entitled “Love of Siam” is all about building one’s life, Tong’s life. The toy that is being assembled, piece-by-piece, represents Tong’s life. Tong has a broken family. His sister leaves them and his grandmother raised him up. Tong and Mew are friends. They have been separated due to the disappearance of Tong’s sister, named Tang. When they reached their teenage year, they met again and discover the feelings that they didn’t know they had. In the end, Tong still chooses to be straight. The second thing is the lamp that was put on Mew’s side, when Tong stayed to Mew’s place. The lamp symbolizes Mew as his leading light of the days that he suffers; Mew leads him to less blues and cheers him up. When they grew up, the lamp was put on Tong’s side, this means that Tong is now a reliable light for Mew, and he helps Mew reduces his loneliness.  The two puppets on top of Mew’s bed, one is black while the other one is white, reminds us the scene when they sat along the side of the river when Tong tells Mew that he’s moving. Mew’s mind was fully understood by Tong. Therefore, the next morning Tong put the memo pad on the white puppet’s head, when Mew woke up and found that Tong was gone , the first thing he did was to see the puppets.


This movie, I guess, is trying to make a point about the corrupt nature of the governance. I think SALO has something to reveal about the four powerful leader of the state which are the president, the bishop, the magistrate, and the duke. These men of powers are the ones who are responsible for making the society stable and keeping its men in a good condition. But, behind those characters that they are showing to their people, there are actually a lot of unrevealed things or wrongdoings that an ordinary citizen can’t even feel or see.  We, the people, are the ones who give them power to administer the society and it goes to show that we are letting them also to control us. These men have formed a secret agreement of marrying each other’s daughters as a symbol of JOINT POWER. The four of them are the intense libertines who have kidnapped nine teenage boys and girls; all are virgins and brought to the hidden house to engage in their every IMMORAL FANTASY. With them, are the adolescent thugs who act as enforcers and the four aging prostitutes who stimulate the conversation by sharing their sex experiences satisfying the obsessions of the four men.  The men listen to these stories of indulgence and then indulge themselves with their captives. The lives of the kidnapped adolescents get worse as days pass by. The humiliations are inflicted to them. If any of them, the prisoners, break the rules they will be punished to death. These captives have been violated, forced to eat human feces, and beaten. In the end, they are all sent to death as if they are sinners.

Installation Art: “CAPTURED INSIDE!:)”

This installation art is titled “CAPTURED INSIDE”. It shows that people are not FREE to DEATH. When you are standing in front of it and if you look at the mirror, it feels like you are really inside it, that you are already dead. It seems like; it’s giving you the FEAR of BEING DEAD. The fear that we feel, in general, is one of the factor that stops us from doing the things that we want to do. There are things that we believe are free and right, but at some point, we are still deprived to do because of the factors that we follow and we give importance like traditions. We are deprived to do such things because we are afraid of being punished by committing mistakes, just because we think that it is against from what we consider as right, which are the laws and traditions that we are following.

This video is containing the performance art of human resource students with the theme: “UNBORN”. They titled their performance “STRIPPED – UNSTRIPPED”. I think they are trying to show how unprivileged the guy is, (the one that is being stripped). He is being deprived from having protections around his body against anything that could destroy him. People seem to be the factors that stop him from growing. They are removing all those things that the boy has to survive and to live his life the way he wants. As time passes by, there is nothing left to him that makes him feel secure and free from doing anything that could make him grow. But the other man seems to be so lucky for having the things that he needs in order for him to survive. This shows how unfair life is to the people of society. It shows that not all the things that we want and the things that we need can be with us. It’s telling us that, in life, there are just things that we can’t get or do because of the factors that block as from getting or doing those things. These factors limit us from having those things.

“I`m not free from ALMOST EVERYTHING but I`m free from LIMITED THINGS!”

Am I Free? Definitely NOT! I’m NOT free from struggles, mistakes, pain, sorrows, judgments, treachery, troubles, sufferings, temptations, punishments, and from happiness, success, and in everything that a human being has to face and experiencing or undergo, above all from DEATH! I’m NOT free from GOOD and BAD things! Both are essential. “I’m not free from ALMOST EVERYTHING but I’m free from LIMITED THINGS!”  Do you know what makes me free from a number of things? It’s because of what we called “CHOICES”. Life is full of choices. We may not be free from everything but we can do things to AVOID or at least REDUCE the consequences!

Life itself depends on how we make it! It’s our choice whether to be happy or not. However, in order for us to achieve the life we desire, of course, we have to make a very good choice out of many choices that we have. If we have luckily chosen the right one, then, NO or LESS struggle to take is now required, for us to succeed. Unluckily, if we have selected the wrong option, then get ready and expect for a new problem to arise. There is no wrong choice; it’s just about how you take and make good and right things out of bad choices. Again, it’s up to you! Don’t just give up when everything seems to be wrong. Inculcate in mind that as the struggle exists, choices also does.

Death is not the answer for us to escape or to be FREE. For me, it depends to a person on how he define the word FREE! Free is not about having all the freedom that we want or being totally free. It’s about how we APPLY it in our life and how we MAXIMIZE this little freedom to feel that we are free. Be optimistic, life is as easy as we wanted it to be.

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`Private Things are like SECRETS!^^

What are the things that are private to you? If anyone would ask me that kind of question, what do you think would I do? Ofcourse, I wouldn’t tell anything!:) Remember, they are PRIVATE! And “private things should remain private”!:P So, who are you to know about it? Hmmp., but wait! Since we’re good friends, I will give an exemption to that!:D whahaha, I will only tell you the private things to me, if and only if the answer to your question is not really a private thing, or should I say, I will tell it to you secretly, not directly!:) wheeh! I was just joking! LOLs!

Hmm., Seriously, the things that are private to me? Ahm., these are the things that I keep inside me. The things that I don’t want others see or even let others know.  Private things when mistakenly revealed or showed off may make us uncomfortable for our very own reasons. I’m maybe so sensitive when it comes to this, but it’s me, NOT YOU. It’s my INTUITION. I just do believe that those things should remain private. I have no guts to say directly what things are private to me!:) Why? It is simply because they’re private!:) They are things that shouldn’t be shared.

For me, Private things are like SECRETS, secrets that need to be kept for a reason. They are not a story to be told, because when you failed to keep them UNKNOWN, you can no longer call them “YOUR SECRETS or YOUR PRIVATE THINGS”. There are things that are just too personal and private to share even with your special someone. It would serve no purpose, it will just complicate things.

An Empty Can Makes the Most Noise!:)

The “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel speaks about IGNORANCE. If I would think of a thing that would portray it, that thing would be an EMPTY CAN. Ignorance is simply lack of knowledge or unawareness. Many people say that “an empty can makes the most noise”.  We all know that an empty can is being compared to a person who has a little knowledge that usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss that makes NO SENSE. It shows that this kind of people is far from the truths, they are not really aware of what the world is telling them. It feels like they don’t give significance for essential things, because the only important thing to them is just to live the way they want, not the way they should. It seems like they are afraid to face challenges in life that would make them stronger than they are. It also goes to show that they are already contented for what they have and what they are, just to never get their selves into suffering. They never think that they could never run from facing those trials.

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Accept Me for what I am, NOT for what I have!:)


I’m POSITIVE: a happy person, loving, caring and thoughtful.  I’m a kind of person who loves being with friends. I’m a little bit perfectionist and adventurous. I am definitely a nature and an animal lover.  I want to travel around the world and discover a lot of things, especially those things that are related in nature and animals. I love people who are nice and always have the courage to take or do challenging things.  I’m a certified sports lover. I love badminton, swimming, track and field, etc., but unfortunately, sports don’t fit me.

 The thing that caught my interest is “parkour”, simply because it is really a challenging thing to do and it teaches a person to move efficiently around obstacles. I’ll be grateful if I would be given the chance to be trained. I also want to be a Black Belter someday. Anyways, I do believe that if you really want to achieve or do something, you just need to work hard for it.

 Living in a peaceful place is really a dream come true to me, particularly in province. I like the smell of freshly cut grass and eating a lot of various fruits. Their way of living (in province) isn’t as good as what we have here. But still, this doesn’t matter. I don’t know why, all I know is that staying to that kind of places make me feel better.

 There are times that negative auras come my way. I’m pretty sure that I am not really pessimistic just like what my friends keep on telling me. It just happens that sometimes I tend to be negative to overcome my fear.  When I have problems I prefer either to be alone or to be with others to refresh my mind. I hate being stressed, that’s why I don’t expect a lot in everything that I do, or should I say, I am contented for what I am and what I have (as long as I know that I truly deserve that thing, even though if it is good or bad, or big or small). The most important thing for me is to just do my very best without giving up, even though I want to.

 I’m afraid to be troubled simply because I’m coward. Yes, people will surely say that but I don’t really care. For me, putting myself in trouble is just a waste of time. It can never give me a good life: it will just bring danger.